Montse Tomé: “We all want the best for the team”

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2023-12-04 20:58:49

Montse Tomé appeared before the media at the press conference prior to the match between Spain and Sweden (La Rosaleda, 7 p.m.) on the last day of the UEFA Women’s Nations League. Among other topics, the national coach spoke about the controversy with the change of Aitana in the last duel against Italy.

“It is true that there have been some comments based on this, but in the end the locker room is what is important, the team, and everything that happens inside is important that we protect it and be something ours. We are super professionals and both staff and players want the best. Our mind has to be on the team, we are all of us, and we all have to contribute.”

What is behind Aitana’s change and Montse Tomé’s tense talk?

“Yesterday she did not train because the doctor told me that she was unwell. And after the game the other day I already gave my explanation of what had happened. I refer to the same thing, we are focused on the game against Sweden. With what Athenea said, I think she didn’t have enough time to have all the information either. enough to be able to talk about it. As I have already said, these are things that remain for us and it would not do well if I spoke about this here today.”

“The relationship is good. Since we started in September it has not been an easy road. We have worked with effort and humility. I like this word and exercise it. We don’t like to lose and from the other day there are things to adjust. “The players have qualified for the final four of the Nations League and we must not tarnish what they have achieved.”

“It’s true that no one likes these things to happen, and when they happen you try to adapt and move forward. I think that in both cases we have managed to do it. In life these unforeseen things happen and we have to focus on the ability we have to control, enjoy the training, the stadium, that the soccer players have the best conditions and that tomorrow we have a stadium full of people who can admire these great players, who can grow and compete.”

The match

“We have been able to see the stadium, I had never been here. It is an ideal setting for tomorrow’s game. Being in a stadium like this with so many people who want to see the world champions is another plus. We hope the fans have fun.”

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“I hope we play football that makes the spectators get out of their seats, that makes the fans connect with the players. “That the fans give us that extra that can encourage the player and above all that she can enjoy.”

“We have to appreciate that we have qualified for the Final Four before finishing the game against Italy and with the last matchday remaining.. There are things that have been done well and others that we have already valued and that we have started to work to improve.”.

Aleixandri: “The demand has to be maximum for everyone”

The Manchester City centre-back, who is in great form, spoke along the same lines.

“The closest thing we have is tomorrow’s game, we are very happy to play here in Malaga. In Pontevedra we were not able to give that victory to the fans, when we were playing at home. A reflection, being in the selection champion we have to have the highest demands, both staff, players, etc., so that it does not happen again.”

“Criticism is always consecutive, we have things to improve and that was seen the other day. We are a winning team and we want to improve those mistakes, that adds victory after victory and that the work is reflected in the results.

“We are a very ambitious team, we want to win no matter what. We are not invincible, if we don’t give 100% it can happen. “The message is clear: demand, wanting to win every game and the demands that this entails.”

Your moment

“I have returned to the national team, to a World Champion team, which brings maximum demands. I see this reflected in my daily life, contributing my best version. Montse’s confidence, giving my best version is the best way to contribute and give to this team.”

“One more internationality with your team, the opportunity to be in a world showcase, to play against one of the best rivals“There is no better scenario than being able to do it in a high-level match in front of the fans.”

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