Morante cuts the season: these are all the posters in which it was announced

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2023-09-29 23:59:39
The 2023 season will always be marked by the tail that Morante cut in the Maestranza, but with a bittersweet taste due to the injuries he has suffered to his wrist. The Sevillian returned to this plaza for San Miguel, where he fought two of the three bullfights at the fair, and also reappeared after a September, in which he tried to recover, for the intense end of the season. However, he has decided to end the season after this commitment so as not to suffer from the injury this afternoon in the Sevillian bullring, in which he killed a running of the bulls by García Jiménez, with Manzanares and Aguado. Morante suffered a rupture of triangular fibrocartilage and injury to the scapholunate ligament since the end of June,… See More
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