More than half of the managers in Spain have resigned or are considering it

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2023-10-06 12:38:21

More than half of the managers in Spain – 54% – have resigned or are considering doing so due to disagreements with the decision-making processes in the company where they work, according to a study by Seeliger and Conde-Kingsley Gate, a firm specialized in executive search.

The report indicates that almost half of managers (44%) are not entirely happy with the degree of empowerment they have in their position. Regarding leadership styles, the predominant one in Spanish companies today is the ‘democratic’ one, which favors delegation and empowerment, over the one traditionally known as ‘authoritarian’. 78% of those surveyed have observed improvements in decision-making processes, which are identified with better leadership in companies (44% of responses) and the recruitment of talent that contributes new points of view and new habits ( 36% of respondents).

Data, analysis processes and technology are the most intuitive levers to improve companies’ decision making. However, the study indicates that “company leaders” are the common factor (by 44% of respondents) with the greatest impact on improving decision-making processes. Likewise, it is worth noting that 36% of managers consider hiring “new talent” as a key factor for improving decision-making.

«The results of this study demonstrate the importance of decision-making processes in assessing the fit of candidates in organizations. It is necessary that the expectations of candidates and companies match, to guarantee business results and the development of long-term professional relationships,” says Julio Moreno, Senior Partner at Seeliger and Conde-Kingsley Gate.

The research has been carried out with 400 global leaders – 50 of them in Spain – in collaboration with FT Longitude, from the Financial Times group.

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