“Mother, continuous management and strong relationship with the territory”

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twelve o’clock, March 5, 2021 – 12:10

The new president of the Donnaregina Foundation Angela Tecce: the life of a museum and its objectives must be kept alive even in times of pandemic

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«It would have been nice to have a meeting, as has already happened in the past, to present my appointment to the top management of the Donnaregina Foundation, for which I thank the President of the Region, Vincenzo De Luca. Unfortunately we live in terrible times that have radically changed our life and our habits. And I believe that working amidst the many difficulties of the moment will be one of the links between Laura Valente’s outgoing management and mine: keeping the life of a museum and its objectives on track even in times of pandemic ». Angela Tecce, contemporary art historian and Mibact official for 40 years, thus introduces the speech on the new position of president, at the head of a Board of Directors in which there will be the well-known art critic Achille Bonito Oliva and the reconfirmed Maria Letizia Magaldi , head of institutional relations in the Salerno family business.

How did you read this choice?

«I don’t know, I have received a call from the Region to present the curriculum and only after I learned of the prestigious assignment. For which I will not receive any compensation, as indicated by the Madia decree for Sato pensioners. I have always been a person of the institutions and I believe this is a normal rotation in public offices at the end of a three-year period, which I appreciated, despite being engaged in Rome, at the Contemporary Art and Architecture Department of the Ministry ».

She will be the manager who leads the administrative and management activities of the Madre.

You’ll find artistic director Kathryn Weir.

“She is an excellent director, selected by an international commission, and whose attention to the environment and social aspects I share. Which was already at the center of my ministerial work in Service II – Urban Peripheries, for which we created the Creative Living Lab, which rewards innovative practices in the dissemination of contemporary art. I also want to thank the outgoing president Laura Valente, with whom there was a cordial exchange of instructions, for having strengthened the relationship between the Madre and the territory, enhancing its ethical vocation ».

What can you say to those who have worked at the Museum in recent years?

“That I have all found people of great professionalism and competence, and that I would like to start a greater stabilization of their roles and areas of expertise, resources permitting”.

And on the Scabec, will you maintain the choice of the previous management to take on the internal services?

“If this choice has been made, in harmony with the Region, I don’t see why to change it. I believe that Scabec, rather, must create a system ensuring the possibility of carrying out our goal of spreading contemporary art in Campania ».

And the relations with the outside world?

“We will continue collaboration with all regional bodies, public and private institutions, including other museums, and national and international foundations from Campania.”

«It is a vital relationship, because it is up to them to sound out, to detect emergencies. But while respecting the roles, which must be kept distinct, museums do not market, they do ».

What about the first events under your presidency?

«We will respect the commitment to host a Covid Vaccine Center at the Madre, and to all vaccinated we will offer the opportunity to participate in our guided tours. Then we will give space, as soon as possible, to the project curated by Weir, “Rethinking Nature”, and then, using the secondary gate given the commitment of the door for vaccinations, allow visits to the collection ».

March 5, 2021 | 12:10

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