Multiple Cars Set on Fire in Luxury Hotel Parking Lot in Upper Galilee: Investigation Underway

Multiple Cars Set on Fire in Luxury Hotel Parking Lot in Upper Galilee: Investigation Underway

Luxury Hotel in Upper Galilee Targeted in Arson Attack

On Saturday night, a luxury hotel in the Upper Galilee fell victim to a devastating arson attack, resulting in the destruction of eight cars in its parking lot. The incident is believed to be linked to an ongoing dispute over protection fees levied by the hospitality complex. The police have launched an investigation into the matter, exploring all possible leads.

Shimon Suisa, the head of the local council Hazor HaGalilit, spoke out about the incident, urging the police to promptly resolve the case. Suisa, who had discussions with the authorities concerning the issue, expressed his conviction that the motive behind the attack was the disagreement regarding sponsorship fees. He emphasized, “This is another example of crime related to protection, which must not be tolerated.”

Yariv Ben Ami, chairman of the movement “Until now – united against protectionism” which represents farmers and business owners in the Upper Galilee, also condemned the incident. Labeling it as a perpetual threat and foreign domination, he called upon all relevant authorities to unite and find swift solutions for the affected business owners. Among the measures he proposed were ensuring the enforcement of insurance policies and reinforcing the police to effectively combat terrorist groups.

This recent arson attack is part of a series of crimes targeting hospitality complexes in the region, often perpetrated by crime families from the Tuba Zangaria settlement. In May, a cabin in the Village Hotel complex near Sde Nehemiah Square was set ablaze, while last month, a resident of Tuba Zangrieh was indicted for extorting bed and breakfast owners.

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The region has witnessed its fair share of criminal activities. In a separate incident last month, the “Energy Center” store, a long-standing family business in Hazor HaGalilit, was also targeted in an arson attack. The store, specializing in electrical and energy products, reported significant damage, along with neighboring establishments. The owners are still struggling to recover from the incident.

With protectionism becoming a growing concern, the head of Hazor HaGalilit council emphasized that contractors are now hesitant to participate in local tenders due to fear of repercussions from protectionist groups. He warned that without financial support for businesses affected by economic terrorism, the Galilee region will struggle to thrive.

The authorities and law enforcement agencies are urged to take immediate action to prevent further incidents and ensure the safety and security of the businesses and residents in the Upper Galilee.


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