My rights at work? The Salzburg Chamber of Labor advises and supports

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2023-12-10 01:00:00

10,000 consultations, 3,000 interventions, 600 complaints: the AK solves any questions and problems

From the employment contract to questions about pay, vacation entitlement or time recording right up to the termination of the employment relationship – the Salzburg Chamber of Labor is available to help and advise all employees if problems or questions arise in the job.

AK labor law expert Heimo Typplt explains in an SN interview which advice and support offers are used particularly frequently and how the AK can specifically help if necessary.

Mr. Typplt, for which labor law questions and problems facing employees is the Chamber of Labor the first point of contact? Tribe Typplt: Basically, of course, for all labor law issues, i.e. all problems that can happen in working life. This starts when someone starts a new job and wants to know about their rights or wants their employment contract checked before signing, through to problems during the employment relationship such as pay issues, absences from work, vacation, parenthood, etc., right up to problems when ending an employment relationship such as dismissal disputes. We also advise on all income tax issues and also offer support with employee assessments. Support in the event of insolvency is also very important. Unfortunately, it happens again and again that companies go bankrupt. In such cases, we practically offer an all-round service. This means that we inform affected employees about their claims, calculate them and submit the claims to the insolvency compensation fund. The employees do not have to worry about anything and ultimately receive their outstanding claims from the fund.

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Which labor law problems do employees in Salzburg most often encounter? The most common questions are about the termination of an employment relationship, for example whether a termination is legally effective, what deadlines there are and, above all, what outstanding payments are still due. We then check the final bill and assert any outstanding claims. On average, we have around 10,000 consultations, 3,000 interventions and 600 lawsuits every year. On average, we raise around 20 million euros per year for Salzburg’s employees.

How can the Chamber of Labor specifically help in the event of a problem or what advice and support measures does the AK offer? First and foremost, we advise employees about their rights; if they cannot solve their problems themselves, we intervene on their behalf with the employer. If these out-of-court interventions are unsuccessful, we will provide legal protection, file a lawsuit with the labor court and represent the employees in the process. The affected employees do not have to pay any costs.

What is the best way for employees to deal with conflicts with their employers? Of course, it’s always best to have the conversation yourself. If there is a works council, you can involve them. If all discussions are of no use, then we are available.

For which problems other than labor law issues does the Chamber of Labor offer advice or support? There is a wide range of support, for example consumer protection or advice on social security matters and much more.

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