Nas controls, over 8 thousand tons of food seized in one year

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2023-06-07 09:54:36

Over 8,000 tons of irregular food were seized in one year, around 27,000 inspections were carried out on the entire agri-food chain, detecting irregularities in over 10,000 inspected structures (37%). It is the fruit of the intense activity developed by Nas, in agreement with the Ministry of Health, on the basis of data released on the “World Food Safety Day”, which is celebrated today. The Carabinieri Command for the Protection of Health, through its daily action throughout the national territory, has been involved in the careful supervision of the food sector for over 60 years for compliance with the rules to protect the health of citizens.

Controls which, in the last year, have made it possible to subtract from the tables of Italians over 8 thousand tons of irregular foods due to unknown origin, poor hygienic-sanitary conditions, storage in unsuitable environments, the presence of evident signs of alteration or with dates of deadlines exceeded, for a total value of over 34 million euros. During the checks, 16,118 violations of the national and EU regulations that govern food hygiene and safety emerged; three operators in the food sector were arrested (two veterinarians in charge of meat and dairy supply chain controls for corruption and abuse of office, a dairy farm owner for theft of electricity), 9,328 subjects were reported to the competent authorities, of which 772 reported to the judicial authority, and administrative fines were imposed for over 126 million euros. There are 798 structures, for a total value of over 500 million euros, closed due to serious hygienic-sanitary and authorization irregularities.

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