New Delta variant, WHO: “We monitor mutation”

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Cases are currently registered in the UK, Russia, the US, Denmark, Germany and even Italy

The World Health Organization is monitoring the new mutation of the Delta variant of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. This was announced by WHO itself, according to which the variant known as AY.4.2 has two additional mutations. Cases have already been registered in the UK, Russia, the US, Denmark, Germany and even Italy.

The World Health Organization has also taken over the evaluation of the Russian anti-Covid vaccine Sputnik V, after the suspension of the proceedings a few weeks ago. The announcement was made by the assistant to the WHO director general, Mariangela Simao, recalling that the inclusion in the list for the emergency use of Sputnik had been suspended due to the non-recognition by the Russian side of some rules and procedures of the Organization. , an obstacle that was overcome last night. And so in the coming weeks, inspections of factories producing Russian whey should begin as part of the approval process.

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