No demand? Meta cuts Quest Pro price

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Meta announced a significant reduction in the price of the new virtual reality headset Quest Pro, which was reduced from $1,499 to $999. The Quest 2 model in the 256 GB version will also sell for $429.99 after an $80 discount.

“We are committed to building a successful VR marketplace for developers, businesses and creators to thrive in. VR is a powerful social platform and creative technology, and the more people who have access to it, the better. We’re here for the long haul and we can’t wait to welcome even more people to the Meta Quest platform for years to come.” she said in a message.

As you remember, Quest Pro is considered the most advanced of its kind when it integrates ten virtual/mixed reality sensors and they are connected to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2+ processor which, according to the company, provides up to 50% more performance than the previous generation, also with the help of 12 gigabytes of working memory and 256 gigabytes of Storage memory byte. To control the system, Meta integrated the Snapdragon 662 along with three cameras per controller to ensure 360-degree movement capability in the virtual world. Compared to the company’s virtual/mixed reality mirror, the Quest 2, the VR LCD-based display offers 37% more pixels per inch and deeper color space support.

On the other hand, Oculus Quest 2 was launched back in 2021 when it offers an upgraded specification that includes the replacement of the pair of OLED screens with a resolution of 1,440×1,600 pixels with a single LCD screen capable of providing a resolution of 1,832×1,920 points for each eye separately. The processor was also upgraded to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2, and the working memory increased to 6 gigabytes.

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