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Wife Alice gives Innocent a final kiss Photo: DeWitt Paul

Thrissur closed his lips without even a small smile and entered the innocent memories with a smile that surpassed death. The whole of Kerala shed tears at the passing away of the personification of Nirachiri, who brought laughter and tears while alive. Even though it was raining, he rocked the costumes like a tree, this was not the first time many people saw it without laughing, clutching their left chest… Even as the pain spread in drops to the soul, the neurologist returned to the soil of the Iringalakuda Cathedral Cemetery without knowing this about the medicine of solace for the world. Janavali returned to those hours with his eyes closed again. Film star and former Lok Sabha member Innocent, who passed away on Sunday, was cremated with official honors at 11:30 on Tuesday. When his body was laid near the cemetery, his wife Alice hugged him and gave him a final kiss. Son Sonnet too could not control his grief. Unable to contain the coconuts, thousands of tear-soaked flowers were scattered. The body of Innocent, who passed away on Sunday night, was brought to the ‘residence’ in Iringalakuda Teke Angadi on Monday evening. On Tuesday morning at 9:30 am, the funeral service started under the care of Bishop Mar Polly Kannookadan of Iringalakuda Diocese. Then the guard of honor as an official honour. At ten o’clock to the cemetery in a vehicle decorated with flowers. A large number of women and children took part in the procession. After the ceremony in the church, at eleven o’clock to the cemetery. Police bugle salute as a government honour. At eleven o’clock the body was taken to the grave. Ministers K Radhakrishnan, R Bindu, VN Vasavan, K Rajan and prominent figures from the film industry attended the funeral. Read on

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