“One day, these lands will be worth gold”: legal battle around the Hayange blast furnaces

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2023-12-11 15:07:35

“The sky often has strange hues/The name of the towns ends with “-angel”/It’s an old country not very well known/There are no tourists in the streets. » Sung by Bernard Lavilliers in the mid-1970s, the Fensch valley is today at the heart of an unusual legal dispute. If the steelmaking activity of the emblematic blast furnace site has ceased since 2018, today the embarrassing question of the future of the place arises. Around forty hectares (out of 165 ha) were sold in April 2023 by the owner Arcelor-Mittal to the company Henry Invest.

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This company is therefore at the heart of an essential issue. It first concerns the gigantic operation of dismantling structures and decontaminating a site that remained active until 2013 for gas supply, with a definitive cessation of production in 2018. The question also arises of the reconversion of this land space, straddling three municipalities (Hayange, Sérémange-Erzange and Florange).

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