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Eventually Amazon’s apology came: True, delivery employees can sometimes be forced to pee into plastic bottles. A scene reminiscent of Ken Loach’s last film, Sorry We Missed You, which tells this detail, so as not to waste time on deliveries. The giant founded by Jeff Bezos, after having repeatedly denied it, this time admits it and is also committed to improving the conditions of workers. We know – explains Amazon in a note posted on a blog – that sometimes our drivers can have problems finding the toilet due to traffic or sometimes because they drive on roads in rural areas, and this especially in the period of the pandemic when many public toilets are been closed.

The controversy

Amazon thus apologized to an American Democratic Party deputy, Marc Pokan. It was he who accused the e-commerce giant of forcing its drivers to urinate in plastic bottles, so as not to waste time when delivering goods: Paying employees with $ 15 an hour does not mean that it is a question of a cutting-edge workplace, especially if you force them to pee in plastic bottles, the congressman posted, referring to the amount that Democrats in America would like to bring the minimum wage to. Accusations firmly rejected by Amazon. Which in the end admitted not only his responsibility, but also how having denied it was an own goal. Also because, in the meantime, the American media had collected several testimonies from Amazon employees who confirmed it. The problem with longtime drivers, Amazon explained: We would like to fix the problem. We don’t know how, but we will look for solutions.

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