Palakkad: Global Brahmin Sangam Calls for Young Generation to Pursue Government Jobs Like IAS

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Title: Global Brahmin Sangam Kicks Off in Palakkad, Advocates for Government Jobs and Educational Initiatives

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Palakkad, Kerala – The three-day Global Brahmin Sangam program, organized by the Kerala Brahmin Sabha, commenced yesterday at Kalaiyaran near Ramanathapuram in Palakkad. The event began with a captivating Vedic recitation by esteemed students from Kalpathi Vedic School. Noteworthy speakers at the opening ceremony emphasized the need for the young generation of the Brahmin community to strive for government jobs, particularly prestigious civil services such as the Indian Administrative Services (IAS).

Chairman of the Kerala Brahmin Sabha, Karimbuha Raman, delivered an impassioned speech calling on the youth not to settle for IT jobs but to aspire for positions in the civil services. Raman emphasized the importance of unity within the community, stating that if the Brahmin community comes together in Kerala, they can influence the outcome of elections in 60 constituencies. He further encouraged a collaborative approach across all political parties.

The inauguration of the Brahmin Sangam program was graced by Gauri Shankar, the Chief Executive Officer and Administrator of Sringeri Mutt, who ceremoniously lit the lamp to mark the beginning of the event.

Prominent guest speaker Pattabraman, President and Managing Director of ‘Kalyan Silks’, highlighted the need to establish a university in Kerala that can rival the renowned ‘Shastra University’ in Thanjavur. He urged support from individuals and organizations for this initiative, expressing his willingness to stand beside those who contribute to its realization.

An exhibition, conducted as part of the Brahmin Sangam, was inaugurated by Mr. Athimulam, publisher of the Coimbatore edition of the daily ‘Dinamalar.’

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Renowned speakers including Karnataka Brahmin Maha Sabha Organizing Secretary Ravikumar, Tamil Nadu Brahmin Samaj President Hariharamuthu, Yogakshema Sabha President Akkeeraman Kalidasa Pattathiripadu, Bangladesh Brahmin Samsad Advisor Amiya Mukherjee, Supreme Court Senior Advocate Vaithyanathan, and Kerala Brahmin Sabha General Secretary Sivaramakrishnan also addressed the attendees.

The event primarily focuses on the significance of Vedic knowledge in modern times and will feature discussions, performances, and sessions on topics such as innovation, economic growth sustainability, achieving goals through Vedic education, and women empowerment through self-enlightenment.

Today (23rd), the Brahmin Sangam will continue with sessions from 9:00 AM to 7:15 PM on various subjects including world civilization through Vedic tradition and empowering women through the “Man-Making” skills.

Tomorrow (24th), the program will dedicate special sessions to inspire youth about entrepreneurship. The program will be inaugurated by respected Union Minister VK Singh, and Gopal Srinivasan, Chairman and Managing Director of TVS Capital Funds, will grace the event as a special guest.

The Global Brahmin Sangam promises to be an enlightening and inclusive platform that fosters unity, celebrates cultural heritage, and encourages the pursuit of government jobs and the establishment of educational institutions in Kerala.

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