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PRIMIERO. The mayor speaks of “paradox-Primiero” Daniele Depaoli. With the lowest level of infections since the beginning of the pandemic, “but incredibly in the red zone, with closed economic activities, children at home from school and struggling with the DAD, moreover without knowing what the future may hold”. Faced with the “cry for help” of families and the suffering of traders and entrepreneurs.

This is the long speech by the mayor of Primiero San Martino: “Today’s update of the Covid-19 infections, sent by the PAT Prevention Department, tells us that there are 3 positive people on the territory of our Municipality, of which 2 are now on the way to the 21-day limit, none of which is in hospital or in a critical situation. I am convinced that the numbers of the other municipalities in the valley are not so different from ours, which photographs for Primiero a very favorable situation from the point of view of containing the pandemic, and therefore in full contrast with the current situation of the expected “red zone”. for our provincial territory. I would like to remind you, even if everyone is aware of it, that the “color” of the Autonomous Province / Region is established by order of the Ministry of Health and that the Regions (or Autonomous Provinces) can only intervene with more restrictive measures, but not with exceptions more permissive, albeit in the light of a completely favorable epidemiological situation, as in the case of our territory. Hence the Primiero paradox: we find ourselves with the lowest level of infections since the beginning of the pandemic, but incredibly in the red zone, with closed economic activities, children home from school and struggling with DAD, moreover without knowing what the future may hold for us. The real joke in all this is not being able to affect as administrations, be they municipal or provincial, but having to remain at the mercy of government ordinances or decrees that little know of the specificity of small mountain territories like ours. Just think of the second homes, for which there is free access at any time and from regions of any color, with the risks of contagion that derive from it (obviously I’m talking about those who commute and not those who have been here all season winter).

What is the point of closing schools if you then leave these channels of contagion open? And here, since it is a more restrictive rule, the Province could intervene, as done two days ago by that of Bolzano. It is a difficult time for everyone, I realize, but a year has passed and it seems that it has taught us nothing, same problems, same inconsistencies and lack of solutions, however difficult to find. I want to express the full support of the administration to all parents who struggle to reconcile distance learning with work, discomfort also publicly manifested with civil and spontaneous demonstrations: a cry for help has gone out that one cannot pretend not to see, that we feel ours regardless of the real possibility of being able to affect. We have economic activities and most of the families on their knees, moreover without being able to predict when all this could end or loosen up, they too must receive the support of the entire administration, which will soon translate into a municipal tax reduction maneuver, which it will be as effective as possible, both for families and for businesses. Today is also the national day of the victims of Covid (the letter is dated March 18, ed): may their memory give us the strength to move forward, we will never forget them, and we will not be able to forget the way in which they had to say goodbye to the conjoined, without a hug, a look or a word. Really, however little it may be, our closeness goes to all the families marked by these incredible griefs “.

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