Paris: a street vendor between life and death after a brawl at the foot of the Eiffel Tower

It is undoubtedly the most frequented place by tourists from all over the world. But it is also, since the deconfinement, a sector under tension where attacks seem to be more and more frequent. At the foot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris (VIIe), a man was beaten up this Saturday shortly after 7 p.m. According to the very first elements collected by the police, it would be a fight between street vendors.

The victim, who would be of Pakistani origin, was transported to the European hospital Georges-Pompidou where she had to pass a scanner. His vital prognosis was then engaged. His attackers, who would be two in number, are on the run. They would have left a cart in which they placed the goods sold to tourists.

The nature of the injuries inflicted on the seller to the victim are still uncertain. According to a source, he was hit with a pipe. There are also reports of wounds that could be linked to broken bottles. An investigation has in any case been opened for violence in meetings.

A vast police operation the night before

Coincidence or not, a few hours earlier, the Prefecture of Police announced that a “major operation” had been carried out in the same sector. It was more specifically the control of Tuk-Tuk vehicles. Result: two arrests and 30 verbalizations.

Last September, in the Champ-de-Mars sector, a police motorcyclist shot and wounded a 26-year-old homeless man who, according to a police source, had thrown himself at him with a bottle in his hand. A case which, already, was part of a context of great tension in this district of the capital. Nearly 50,000 people pass through it every day. Since the deconfinement, the attacks would be daily there.


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