Podemos puts an end to an alliance that was always a fiction

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2023-12-05 23:39:45

Pablo Iglesias announced it on November 16 in the media he directs. The former leader of Podemos The end of the Podemos and Sumar alliance was taken for granted. The key words to understand the future conduct of your party: “Complete political and parliamentary autonomy.” A week later, Ione Belarra used almost identical words: “Total political and parliamentary autonomy.” The decision had already been made and it was only a matter of time before it was formalized.

Podemos announced on Tuesday its abandonment of the Sumar parliamentary group and the end of a story that was never about love. Its five deputies will go to the Mixed Group. The reason given was the refusal to give Ione Belarra a few minutes of the group’s quota to respond to the Foreign Minister’s appearance on the Gaza war. It could have been anyone else.

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