Population decline.. A week off for college to make students fall in love.. Do you know where? | Birth Rate Falls Nine colleges in China are giving students a week off to fall in love

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Birth rate decreased

Because of this, in recent years, the number of elderly people in China has exceeded the number of young people. Apart from that, the number of income earners, the birth rate has decreased drastically and the death rate has increased. To put it bluntly, the population began to decline rapidly as the birth rate fell and the death rate increased.

A serious thinking China

Disturbed by this, China relaxed the one-child rule that had been introduced in 1980. In 2021, the law was changed to allow Chinese people to have 3 children. However, China’s population growth rate is not as high as expected. China is seriously considering what can be done to increase its population.

A holiday for newlyweds

It is announcing various schemes and incentives to encourage people to have more children. Even a few months back, it had ordered a month’s holiday with pay to newlyweds to increase population. This concession was given in Gansu and Shaanxi provinces in China. The country’s political consultants have been giving different ideas on what can be done to increase the population in China.

A holiday to fall in love with

In this situation, some colleges in China have come up with a completely innovative program. In the current month of April, students are given a week off to fall in love. Nine colleges have announced this holiday for students. Colleges have announced this holiday to the students from 1st to 7th April.

Writing diaries..

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This holiday is held in colleges run by the Fan Mei Education Group in China as a spring break for students to learn to love nature, love life, and understand love emotionally. Students were also given homework to write diaries, research on personal development and make travel videos during this vacation.

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