Qatar National Day Celebrations at Umm Salal Muhammed: Darb Assaye Official Events from December 10-18

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2023-12-08 08:02:06
The annual celebration of Qatar’s National Day is quickly approaching, and officials have announced that the festivities will kick off on December 10 at the permanent venue of Umm Salal Muhammed.

The celebrations, which will continue until December 18, will be a showcase of traditional culture under the leadership of the Ministry of Culture. Darb Assaye, as the event is known, will feature a variety of events and performances, with ceremonies running from 3pm until 11pm each day.

This year’s permanent venue has been prepared in an area of one and a half lakh square meters, providing ample space for the expected crowds. The event has become a regular tradition since last year and drew a crowd of 14,000 during the World Cup.

Visitors can expect to experience a wide range of traditional Qatari activities, including horse racing, camel riding, falcon displays, and a marine art fair. The event promises to be a spectacular display of Arab heritage with a variety of performances and cultural showcases.

One of the highlights of Darb Assaye is the traditional songs that are performed, adding to the festive and vibrant atmosphere of the celebrations. The event aims to renew all the traditions of the state and provide visitors with a truly immersive experience of Qatari culture.
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