‘Religion knows why. I am a human woman ‘; Anshita responds to bad comments

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‘Koodevide’ is one of the most popular Asianet series in a short span of time.

Kerala, First Published Feb 13, 2022, 9:53 PM IST

‘Koodevide’ is one of the most popular Asianet series in a short span of time. Bipin Jose and Anshita Anji will be joining Surya and Rishi, the protagonists of the series. Although she has appeared in many venues and series, this is Anshita’s first appearance in a pivotal role in a series. Anshita is getting a lot of fan support as well as the acceptance she got for the series.

The actor, who has gained a lot of fans, often shares serials and family stories on YouTube. The other day I shared the highlights of my brother’s baby yarn. The actress has now come up with a response to the bad comments that followed. The video is shared under the title I Want to Tell You.

Usually I do not respond to negative comments. But I thought it’s something to say about my family. I’m saying it’s better than you just fabricating. Yes, my father and mother are divorced. They have been living apart for eighteen years. In the yarn video I showed my dad’s second wife as ‘Vapi’s wife’. That’s all it says. I do not wish to elaborate further.

Another important question was what religion is. It’s a matter of knowing why. The question is whether he is a Hindu, a Muslim or a Christian. I am a human being. I do not like to talk about religion. I go to all the temples and churches. That’s just my will. I want to live my life as I like without hurting anyone else.

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Then I put the video on YouTube to say what I want to say. In the meantime, avoid negative comments and personal questions. Another important thing is that I do not like sympathy. There are those who ask for life story when they know about divorce. Why is my personal life being forced to advertise. I do not want that. Many people in life see every problem. I am someone who always wants to be happy. Not that I do not regret it. There are many days when I sit alone and cry. “But I want to be happy in the end,” she said.

Last Updated Feb 13, 2022, 9:53 PM IST

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