Report in Syria: Two people killed in an attack attributed to Israel in Homs

by time news

Syrian media reported last night (Wednesday) an attack in the central Homs district. It was also reported that the target of the attack was probably a shipment of weapons intended for Hezbollah. According to the Syrian media, two civilians were killed in the attack, which was attributed to Israel, and seven people were injured, including six soldiers and one civilian.

Earlier this month, Syrian media reported that explosions had been heard in the Homs area and the city of Tartus. The Air Force reportedly attacked Syria in different areas simultaneously, in the Homs area and the Tartus port area.

A military source reported two wounded during the attack. According to various estimates, the targets of the attack were weapons depots in which Shiite militias operating in Syria store advanced weapons coming from Iran. According to another report, a weapons production site was also attacked.


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