Republican-Controlled House Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing in Chicago to Address Rising Crime and ‘Soft-on-Crime’ Democratic Policies

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Chicago Republicans Hold Hearing on Rising Crime, Democrats Criticize Visit as Political Stunt

CHICAGO (WLS) — Members of the Republican-controlled House Judiciary Committee were in Chicago Tuesday to address the escalating crime rates in the city. However, some Chicago leaders have raised doubts about the visit, calling it a political stunt.

The hearing, held at the Fraternal Order of Police headquarters, aimed to shed light on what committee members described as Democrats’ “soft-on-crime policies” and examine the root causes behind the surge in criminal activity. The committee expressed concern over the recent string of back-to-back robberies that have targeted innocent residents, with some cases resulting in injuries.

On Tuesday morning alone, at least four individuals fell victim to gunpoint holdups on Chicago sidewalks. U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, criticized the justice system, stating, “Innocent people in Chicago are victimized by a justice system that cares more about political correctness than punishing the criminals who have harmed them and their families.” Rep. Jordan continued to highlight the concerning statistics surrounding crime in Chicago, citing increases in car thefts and other crimes.

Democrats, including State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, Governor JB Pritzker, and Mayor Brandon Johnson, were singled out by Republicans during the hearing as contributors to the problem. However, the hearing failed to propose concrete solutions, leading Democrats to accuse Republicans of attempting to distract from problems in Washington as a government shutdown looms.

Illinois Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky criticized the Republican presence in Chicago, stating, “What we are seeing right now is a total collapse of the proper operations of government on the part of Republicans. So, what are the far-right extremists trying to do instead? Distract Americans from the fact that starting this weekend, hardworking federal employees will be forced to work without pay…”

The testimonies during the hearing included victims of violent crimes, such as Carlos Yanez Jr., a retired CPD officer who survived a shooting during a traffic stop that resulted in the death of his partner, Ella French. Yanez criticized the policies and procedures that limit the effectiveness of law enforcement officers, stating, “With all the policies and procedures put into place, officers find themselves with their hands tied behind their back… Officers continue to lap up violent offenders, but we find them back on the street committing even more violent crimes, including murder.”

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Police officials and relatives of crime victims also testified, expressing concerns over the recently implemented cash bond policy in Illinois. The lack of a pursuit policy enforced by the Chicago Police Department was also questioned during the hearing.

Republicans argued that the hearing was not politically motivated but aimed to draw attention to the real issues that impact everyday people. They vowed to continue these hearings in other cities across the country where crime is a major concern, hoping to bring attention to the policies they believe contribute to the problem.

State’s Attorney Kim Foxx dismissed the hearing as a “political stunt,” accusing Republicans of using crime victims for their own political gain and generating attention. Foxx stated, “People can have disagreements about policy all day. What today was was a political stunt.”

Republican Chair Jim Jordan defended the hearing, emphasizing its non-political nature, and said it was about drawing attention to real problems that affect communities. Jordan cited the murder of Gianno Caldwell’s brother in Chicago’s Morgan Park neighborhood as an example of the devastating impact of crime.

Republicans and Democrats remain deeply divided on addressing the rising crime rates in Chicago and implementing effective strategies to combat the issue. The contentious hearing witnessed passionate testimonies from both sides, leaving room for ongoing discussions about crime prevention and public safety measures in the city.

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