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2023-12-02 03:00:57

Modern learning space evokes many creative inspirations

A modern integrated learning space, not only shown in functional classrooms, but learning can take place anywhere on campus. In each space, students can learn professional knowledge, hone their skills or enhance other skills. This is also the reason that Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Finance (UEF) invests in building practice, experience and connection areas for students.

Learning goes hand in hand with practice, inspiring creativity

With an open and colorful design, combined with modern technological equipment, the classroom system is the school’s first ‘flex’ destination. Here, students are also motivated to study through multilingual inspirational elements.

For majors that require high practice, UEF invests in designing areas so that students have an environment to apply knowledge effectively. You can experience Korean class with vivid visual devices and learning software designed to be user-friendly on tablets to help learners easily absorb knowledge.

In addition, students can also communicate online with lecturers using advanced tools, interact with each other through software, shortening the time spent doing exercises in the traditional way.

‘Excellent’ practice area for majors

In the media industry, students can freely produce projects for professional courses at the studio, which is invested billions of dong. Or for the restaurant and hotel industry, the kitchen, room, and bar areas are highlights. The designs all meet high standards, helping you practice your profession effectively.

Students’ creative inspiration is realized even more clearly when entering the graphic design studio. This is a ‘feeling’ space for students to create artistic products. Many student exhibitions bring excitement to lecturers and business representatives. Computer rooms are also installed to meet the practical needs of industry groups with information technology elements.

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Students are free to create impressive specialized products

Increase the experience factor for comprehensive training

In addition to professional knowledge, creating an environment for students to practice and reveal their talents is always of concern to the school.

The physical training area is quite full of modern equipment, popular with young people. Students can learn useful sports such as Fitness, Dance Practice, Ping Pong,… in a cool space with the dedicated guidance of professional coaches. Outside of official class hours, students can still go to the gym to practice every day.

The experiential space helps students practice comprehensively

In addition to the gym system, the school has a dedicated area for boxing training and entertainment. Here, the school is fully equipped with gloves, practice mats, sandbags, etc. to help you have a quality and safe boxing training process. For students who love Literature – Sports – Fine Arts, they will be “thrilled” with the practice area for them. Here is designed a two-dimensional space for you to practice dancing,… and a soundproof room to practice your voice. .

On campus, businesses are also connected to build space and experience amenities such as dining, necessary shopping, etc. for students.

In order for students to study and practice in the best way, UEF is willing to invest in upgrading space and equipping it with modern amenities. Thanks to that, UEF students’ whole day at school promises to be the most comfortable and convenient in terms of learning and living experience.

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