Roland-Garros on France Télévisions: the “seesaw” is back, ready to annoy you

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2023-05-28 18:19:26

“The rocking season is open”! This Sunday, Internet users are smiling. With the start of Roland-Garros, broadcast on the channels of the France Télévisions group during the day (and by Prime Video for matches at night), the famous “toggle” is back, this change from one channel to the another on the public service set to the nearest second. A tradition often mocked by viewers since it does not always occur at the right time.

Perfect illustration this Sunday morning from the first round of the Parisian Grand Slam during the match between the French Constant Lestienne and Karen Khachanov, seeded number 11 of the tournament. Twice during this highly contested match in five sets, in which the Russian emerged victorious, we went from France 3 to France 4 then from France 4 to France 2 in the middle of a point. Something to annoy the most passionate and make the less involved smile.

“All it takes is a few unforeseen events…”

These two moments of TV did not go unnoticed on social networks. The account “La Bascule France TV” also has fun listing all the unusual switches like those of this morning. “The rocker is starting very strong this year”, “the rocker is giving us a masterclass again”, “the 2023 vintage promises to be exceptional”, we find in the comments, even if some temper: “Technically, it must be a hell of a brain teaser “.

Not false. Because the grids of the three channels of the France Télévisions group have been calibrated to the nearest second for many weeks, and it is impossible to go back, as Pascal Golomer, deputy director of sports at France Télévisions, had already explained to us, at the time of the 2021 Olympic Games. “If we don’t make the switch, France 2 viewers who want to see their newspaper won’t be happy either. We have to make choices and hope that everything goes well, but all it takes is a few unforeseen events for the seesaw to find itself in the middle of a test, ”he deciphered.

With 15 days of competitions on the program and almost nine hours of live each day, we risk hearing “it’s time for the changeover” several times from the mouth of presenter Laurent Luyat… and therefore seeing a lot of other hiccups.

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