Rosstat recorded an acceleration in the growth of prices for industrial goods

Growth in prices for manufactured goods from manufacturers accelerated in June, according to Rosstat data. Prices in June rose by 2.9% compared to the previous month, while in May prices increased by 2.3% compared to April. In annual terms, the growth in prices for industrial goods amounted to 31.1%.

“In June 2021 compared to May 2021, the producer price index for industrial goods, according to preliminary data, amounted to 102.9%, compared to December 2020 – 119.9%,” the statistics department said.

In the field of mining, prices in June in monthly terms increased by 3.8%, in manufacturing – by 3.3%. In the provision of electricity, gas and steam, prices fell by 1.6%; in water supply, sewerage, waste collection and disposal – by 0.1%.

Earlier, Rosstat reported that annual inflation in Russia in June reached 6.5%, which is the highest level since August 2016. Food prices in the first month of summer increased by 7.9% on an annualized basis. Non-food products rose in price by 7.04%, and services – by 3.95%. At the same time, prices for consumer goods in Russia from 6 to 12 July increased by 0.06%. This value is the lowest since the beginning of the year.



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