Russian President Vladimir Putin Mocks Germany for Lack of Sovereignty; German President Humiliated in Qatar

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2023-12-01 22:02:06
Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken a swipe at Germany, criticizing the country for its lack of sovereignty and decision-making skills. “The Germans swallow all this because… they have no sovereignty,” Putin said, according to a translation by state media. “And some prime ministers apparently lack sufficient professional skills to make proper and professional decisions. Everyone knows, The whole world laughs at them.”

This harsh criticism comes amid an embarrassing incident for the German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who was reportedly humiliated at the airport upon his official state visit to Qatar. According to Deutsche Welle, no Qatari official was present to officially welcome Steinmeier to Doha. He was left waiting in the sun for almost half an hour until the Qatari foreign minister finally arrived.

While it’s possible that the confusion was due to Steinmeier’s plane arriving early, the scene is highly unusual for a head of state. Russian media has suggested that this may be “payback” for comments made by German Foreign Minister Annalena Barbuk in October, in which she criticized Arab countries, including Qatar, for their support of terrorism.

Qatar has been accused of supporting Hamas, but it also serves as a diplomatic mediator regarding the hostage crisis in Gaza. However, the country has long been criticized for its support of radical Islamists in the Middle East.

Putin’s comments and the incident in Qatar highlight the tense relations between Germany and other world powers, as well as the complex diplomatic relationships in the Middle East.
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