Saudi Arabia resolves the controversy over the relationship of baboons to monkeypox.. Biden comments

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Saudi Arabia resolves the controversy over the relationship of baboons to monkeypox.. Biden comments

Today, Monday, the health authorities in Saudi Arabia resolved the controversy over the relationship of baboons to monkeypox, while US President Joe Biden’s statements about the disease witnessed a clear transformation.

New statements about monkeypox

The Saudi National Center for the Development of Wildlife issued a statement denying the issuance of any announcement about the relationship of baboons to smallpox, noting that the main source of the center’s data is its official media channels only.

The center confirmed that, for months, it has been implementing a program to assess the damages of the increasing number of monkeys, including health damages in general, and to find appropriate solutions to reduce these damages.

The center explained that it had deployed field teams comprising a group of scientists, experts and veterinarians to conduct a field survey to document their sites, noting that the team will work after the completion of the survey on integrated plans to reduce the numbers of baboons and return them to their natural environments.

The center also launched awareness campaigns not to feed baboons, and not to acquire and raise them in homes.

A shift in Biden’s statements

In this context, US President Joe Biden saw that he did not expect the widespread spread of the “monkeypox” virus to be as dangerous as the “Covid-19” pandemic, in a major shift with his statements the day before he said that people should worry about this virus.

“We’ve had cases of monkeypox in the past, and we have vaccines to deal with it,” Biden said at a press conference in the Japanese capital, Tokyo.

And the US president added, “I don’t think that his danger rises to the level of the danger imposed by Covid-19,” but he called on people to “be careful.”

Yesterday, Sunday, Biden had warned of the outbreak of the disease, stressing that everyone should be concerned about the outbreak of monkeypox, and he said in statements to CNN: “They have not told me the level of spread yet, but it is something everyone should be concerned about,” as he put it.

The US President added, “We are working hard to find out what to do and what vaccine to use, if there is a vaccine at all, it is worrying because if it spreads widely, the consequences will be significant, they told me.”

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It is worth noting that monkeypox began to spread in different countries around the world, which aroused the concern and fears of the World Health Organization, which held an emergency meeting two days ago to study the situation before it turned into a global epidemic.

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Saudi Arabia resolves the controversy over the relationship of baboons to monkeypox.. Biden comments

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