Science, technology and innovation are keys to cybersecurity

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2023-06-29 01:25:41

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Shenzhen, China. Promoting the global development of science and technology will lead to a better cyberspace, said Zhuang Rongwen, director of the Cyberspace Administration of China.

The official said that “instead of fighting chaos, we must first develop science and technology and achieve more and more cooperation and consensus for the development of cyberspace.”

According to Rongwen, in the past ten years, MWC Shanghai has demonstrated China’s achievements in the field of mobile technology.

“The scientific revolution, the current technological and industrial transformation; 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and other next generation technological innovations and developments; digitization and smart trends cannot be missed,” emphasized the Chinese cyberspace representative.

Rongwen proposed five actions for cyberspace: first, global scientific and technological development and accelerating the advancement of developing countries through information infrastructure.

Second, share success, deepen scientific and technological innovation, and strengthen the international community to help innovation, stability and progress.

Third, shared responsibility and lead safety. The fourth point is to strengthen national security, dialogue and cooperation.

Finally, prevent information risks, stabilize network attacks, and jointly respond to network supply chain challenges.

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