Sexism, harassment and solidarity. If the prejudice is (also) of women –

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Sexism, harassment and solidarity.  If the prejudice is (also) of women –
from Elvira Serra

Francesca Bardelli Nonino and the difficulty of obtaining credibility if you are young and good-looking. To the sexist insults are added the comments of those who a priori disqualify a role

He is 32 years old and considered the influencer of grappa. Easy, they say: family. Yet Francesca Bardelli Nonino the role in the company has been conquered on the field. She studied in Italy and abroad, she has stolen the secrets of the trade from her mother, aunts and grandparents, and she wants to continue learning: if you ask her what the next goal, she will answer you to become a Master Distiller too. Cheers! Her preparation, however, seems not to be enough. A couple of days ago, in a live Instagram with Laura Donadoni, The Italian Wine Girl, told how difficult it is to get credibility if you are young and good-looking. And she remembered when at certain business meetings she was asked trick questions to ascertain her skills. Here, she admitted, she could stay there: she began to accompany her aunt Elisabetta at the age of 26 and she had to win everyone’s respect. But the unreliable comments that appeared on the company’s Facebook page under some of its videos find no justification: sexually oriented jokes bordering on porn, written by men with name and surname, maybe a wife and children, so unscrupulous or superficial that they indulge in freewheeling. in contemptuous judgments.

Did I go looking for him? She asked herself, confessing that she reviewed the incriminated videos to check how she was dressed (blouse and jeans), a prisoner of social conditioning who still asks a woman how she was dressed when she was raped. She made me think of that Norcia listener that the last episode of Giletti 102.5, on RTL, defending the Alpine troops, she shared her wonderful thought: We women too take into account how much psychologically we can do to man when he comes dressed in a provocative way … That non-violence for men ?. Not a voice out of the chorus, unfortunately, because among those who had complaints about Francesca Bardelli Nonino’s videos there is also a family mediator, in theory with the tools to recognize sexism and harassment. Do you need to put a woman on? she asked, perhaps making a comparison with certain advertisements that exploit the woman’s body, and at the same time disqualifying the skills of the protagonist, put there by someone. The somewhat sad conclusion. There is still a lot to do. And not only among the Alpine troops.

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