SMA Provides Technology for the World’s Largest Networking Storage Project

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SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) will equip the world’s largest grid-capable battery storage powerhouse in Torrens Island, South Australia, with its technology. SMA will deliver 109 Medium Voltage Power Stations (MVPS-SCS4200) to the company Wärtsilä which is building the battery storage system with a capacity of 250 MWh for the Australian electricity supplier AGL Energy Limited (AGL). After commissioning, this storage project will support a wide range of thermal power plants and green power generation facilities and thus contribute to decarbonization and the transition to a 100% renewable energy future by Australia.

“This year, SMA is celebrating its 40th anniversary, making it the oldest brand in the field of photovoltaic technologies. Our business has always been focused on new ideas and new technologies. The fact that we have been selected to supply the technology for the world’s largest network-building storage project confirms our choice to prioritize innovation. We have already successfully cooperated with Wärtsilä in markets all over the world, ”says Marko Werner, Executive Vice President Global Sales Large Scale Storage at SMA.

The flexible capacity of the Wärtsilä storage plant, equipped with 109 SMA MVPS-SCS4200, balances the fluctuating grid feed-in from renewable energy sources and thus guarantees a highly reliable and stable public electricity grid. . The SMA MVPS-SCS4200 is a turnkey solution for large storage systems. Thanks to the new and robust Sunny Central Storage UP battery central inverters and perfectly matched medium voltage components, the solution offers even higher performance and is available worldwide. Energy storage technologies will play a decisive role in the transition from a conventional fossil fuel-based energy supply to a renewable energy supply in Australia.

The Wärtsilä system will first operate in grid-connected mode, before switching at a later stage to grid-setter mode (Virtual Synchronous Generator), which will make it the largest storage power plant in the world capable of build a network autonomously. The Torrens Island storage project will thus offer very high reactivity and its sustainability will be ensured. This complex system will also be based on the Power Plant Controller GEMS and energy management software from Wärtsilä.

“The Torrens Island project is of global significance. Australia is one of the countries in the world where very large quantities of renewable energy are already injected into the public electricity grid at certain times of the day. By proving here that SMA technology is capable of guaranteeing grid stability, we will help ensure a smoother transition from traditional electricity production to a public electricity grid dominated by renewable energies. We look forward to this close collaboration with the Wärtsilä team and will use our extensive experience to make this project a success for all parties involved, ”says Joshua Birmingham, Director of Large Scale & Project Solutions at SMA Australia.

“We are proud to have been chosen to build the storage system as part of this pioneering project. Renewable electricity production is growing rapidly in South Australia. With our flexible technology and experience, we can help ensure a reliable and affordable energy supply to consumers, individuals and businesses, in South Australia for years to come, ”said Sushil Purohit, President of Wärtsilä Energy .

The Torrens Island storage system is being carried out by Wärtsilä on the basis of full engineering, supply and construction (EPC), and will allow AGL to complement its range of facilities with support functions from the network. The commissioning of the storage system is scheduled for early 2023.

An integrated energy company, AGL is a leading electricity supplier to the Australian National Electricity Market (NEM) and has a power generation capacity of over 11,000 MW, which is approximately 20% of the total power generation capacity of the NEM. AGL plans to build grid-connected energy storage facilities with a total capacity of 1 GW.

About SMA
As a leading specialist in the world of systems engineering for photovoltaics and storage, the SMA group is today setting the conditions for the decentralized and renewable energy supply of tomorrow. SMA’s portfolio includes a wide range of efficient photovoltaic inverters and inverter-chargers, total system solutions for photovoltaic installations and storage systems of all power classes, intelligent energy management systems as well as complete solutions for hybrid photovoltaic / diesel applications. Digital energy services as well as comprehensive services up to the support of technical management and maintenance services for photovoltaic power plants complete the range of services. SMA inverters with a total capacity of over 100 gigawatts are installed in more than 190 countries around the world. SMA’s award-winning technology is protected by more than 1,600 patents and utility models. Since 2008, the parent company, SMA Solar Technology AG, has been listed on the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (S92) and registered with TecDAX.

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