SSC Warns of Debt Apps Impersonating Cyber ​​Police

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2023-06-25 22:42:40

The Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City (CDMX) warned capitalists about applications that offer loans, known as “montadeudas”, that use the logo of the Cyber ​​Police to defraud and collect payments.

According to the authorities, these criminals operate through instant messaging applications. There they send threatening texts and use psychological intimidation, saying that if the requested payments are not made, there will be legal repercussions against citizens.

Cyber ​​Police issues recommendations to avoid falling into fraud

For this reason, the Cybernetic Police informs that their logos are registered trademarks and should only be used by authorized personnel and by official entities, for which they issue the following recommendations:

In case of finding a person or organization with the logo of the authorities, it is necessary to verify their credentials through the official page of the SSC.Do not easily believe in requests from the cybernetic unit that come through calls, emails or text messages from unofficial numbers or users.Be careful when making transactions that involve organizations that claim to be part of the SSC. Avoid downloading loan applications of dubious origin. It is better to go to an institution accredited by CONDUSEF. Do not give personal data on web pages or forms without first verifying the reliability of the services.

Where can I report fraud pages that impersonate the Police?

For any questions about applications or in case of detecting suspicious pages, the Cyber ​​Police makes its official telephone number available: 55 5242 5100 ext. 5086.

Citizens can also contact the email or the official social media accounts @SSC_CDMX and @UCS_GCDMX.

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