“Starship” explodes shortly after after successfully taking off

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2023-04-20 17:12:53

The vehicle with which SpaceX wants to take humans to the Moon and Mars exploded during the test flight just minutes after it had successfully taken off from a base in Texas for the first time.

Starship, a 120 m tall rocket and spacecraft, is the largest ever to take off. NASA’s new rocket, the SLS, which flew for the first time in November, is 98 m, while the legendary Saturn V, which powered the Apollo space program, which took man for the first – and so far only – time to the moon, it was 111 m.

Despite having disintegrated, the first Starship test flight is considered a success because it will allow to collect a lot of data for the development of the next prototypes.

The French astronaut aligns himself with the success of the mission, stating on the social network Twitter to “Don’t confuse one with failure”

Elon Musk, the multimillionaire boss of SpaceX congratulated the entire team on the “success” and promises a new test “in the coming months.

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