“Start Italian studies on second dose with different vaccine”

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In light of the events that are affecting AstraZeneca serum at this stage of the vaccination campaign, but also in a future perspective “is it is good to start thinking about a plan B: that is to design and start studies that evaluate the possibility of mixed strategies“with different vaccines in the second dose compared to the first. So Guido Rasi, former director of the European Medicines Agency, and scientific director of Consulcesi, on the occasion of the web conference” Covid-19: between vaccines and variants “, for the launch of a new ECM ‘branded’ Consulcesi course dedicated to these issues. “I would suggest it to our health authorities. Alongside serological tests, if an unsatisfactory immune response is detected “with the first dose”, the second dose will be tried to be changed. I believe there is already a debate on both a scientific and regulatory level “.

Rasi, however, underlines the importance “of studying this vaccination strategy. Better to finish second”, he observes, commenting on the fact that this hypothesis is already being followed in Germany, “sometimes this gives some advantages. Everything must be done in a well-coordinated and organized way , also because if one becomes infected between the first and second dose, one should have the tools to explain it to the patient. So I invite the Italian health authorities to start a study not by chance, but well designed and serious on a certain number of volunteers. there is certainly a scientific presupposition “.

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“Vaccines are the best weapon we have to combat both known and future variants of the coronavirus. If we want to get out of this pandemic, we need to vaccinate with confidence. My call for vaccination especially goes to our health professionals: trust science, protect yourself and you will also protect your patients “is the appeal launched by Guido Rasi.

“Ema – he remembers – has already authorized 4 vaccines and more could arrive by the end of the year”, “if we make our vaccination machine work well we can hope to ‘return to normal’ as early as next autumn”. This does not mean that the new coronavirus will disappear immediately and forever. “We will continue to carry masks, perhaps in our pockets, to always be ready to wear them in particular ‘at risk’ situations, where dangerous gatherings could be created. But thanks to vaccines, the Sars-CoV-2 virus will have its days numbered”, he concludes. .

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