Stuck on the A14 van with 11 swordfish loaded in –

by time news About 330 kg of swordfish were found, confiscated and disposed of, because they were deemed unfit for human consumption, in a van that seems to have left It seems that they were destined for the fish market of other municipalities.

The checks were carried out during the week by the men of the Port Authority – Coast Guard of together with the police personnel of the Nord motorway subsection. aimed at monitoring vehicles intended for the transport of fish products. Six vehicles inspected along the highway to Rome. On board one of them 11 specimens of swordfish with a total weight of about 330 kg were found, without suitable documentation certifying traceability.

The company that owns the vehicle was sanctioned for an amount of 1,500 euros and the fish product was seized and subsequently entrusted to an authorized disposal company.

“The attention of the military will remain high in the control and monitoring of the fishing supply chain, especially in such a delicate period as August when an important request for fish products cannot be separated from careful protection of the health of the final consumer” – reiterates the Director maritime, ship captain Salvatore Minervino.

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