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While browsing foreign mental health websites for the purpose of my research; I found a dedicated Suicide Awareness Account (Suicide and Life Crises Line) and an integrated system in the USA or, say, a network of more than 200 centers offering their services 24/7. I browsed through the account and pondered the level of professionalism in dealing with this sensitive and humanitarian issue, which after searching also found in the local context some local initiatives and claims from young Saudi women who created a site to collect signatures, unfortunately I am not sure of the names, but their efforts were wonderful in 2019 and they have a Twitter account entitled (You are important). ) It appears that there has been no practical response from the Ministry; Besides, a number of doctors thankfully published some scattered ideas about suicide, and I was standing in front of the responses that disgraced them to talk about it as a characteristic of non-believers. Respecting religious rulings is one thing, and treating all diseases is a necessity that religion urges us to do before everything!

So, the claim was raised this time and more frankly, that the reality of (free) psychological services needs a pause from the Ministry of Health. Rather, we actually want a special line for psychological crises, such as (988) in America. Psychological suffering in this era is not a (luxury) or ( Weakness of religion) As everyone who reveals his pain is stigmatized, it is a suffering that requires intervention before entering into the physical consequences of which we know its repercussions and costs later. Today, with the introduction of the concept of quality of life as a practice, I find no justification for delaying the opening of psychiatric clinics in universities. Rather, how shameful it is to waste years, especially in faculties of education and behavioral counseling clinics that are closed! Rather, how many students have suffered from alienation or worries without finding a certified professional reference to help them in their academic guidance. So universities bear a large part of this apparent delay in educating people.

I now turn to the idea of ​​individual practices; And how important it is for people to realize that the idea of ​​suicide is not something remote, imaginary or drama, hallucinations and inner voices require you to take it more seriously, and not hesitate to take a step for treatment. What about friends and social networks? If you witness suicidal tendencies or a desire to harm a loved one, do not joke about him or make him regret being honest with you for his trust in you, but take his hand to the first therapist, perhaps you may save him. But help as much as you can and help yourself as well, how sad it is to find some people still fiercely resist going to the doctor, and it may even reach a rupture between friends if one of them insists on convincing the tired person of the importance of treatment and not giving in to illusion. Today, there are many applications that have facilitated access to therapists, so there is no excuse.

Finally, are we safe from suicide? Certainly not, and whoever says otherwise or is relying on the old social heritage should review himself. The young generation needs us to be with them and in their language that they understand. It is the duty of every individual to protect himself from himself first and not to let his life depend on the unknown. I do not know the number of cases in the Kingdom, and I do not care here about their size as much as I am interested in the coming, that there is a neutral, observer and analyzer center for reality and the future. This is certainly not my recommendation only as a researcher interested in the idea of ​​sound and feeling and its impact on humans, but there are many who share my opinion and even preceded me in this. God bless everyone and you are well.


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