Twitter has separated cryptocurrencies and blockchain into a separate division

Twitter has created a separate division for working with cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The new team is led by blockchain engineer Tess Rinearson, who previously worked on the Chain, Tendermint Core, Interchain Foundation and Cosmos projects. Rinearson announced that experts under her leadership will explore how the company can support the increased interest of content creators […]

Bank offers shares in Picasso paintings via blockchain

Mith the help of blockchain technology, a Swiss bank enables investors to buy shares in a Picasso painting. From CHF 5,000, professional investors could purchase a fraction of the work of art “Fillette au beret”, as the Sygnum Bank, which specializes in digital assets, and the art investment company Artemundi announced on Thursday. It is […]

An Italian startup turned a film into NFT to sell it at auction

AGI – After digital collectibles, online games and above all after the explosion of crypto art (remember the monstrous 69 million sale of a work by Beeple, the third ever by value of a living artist?) NFT, the Not Fungible Token (technically digital certificates), land on the big screen. The work “The Legend of Kaspar […]

Fraudsters have mastered the blockchain – Hi-Tech – Kommersant

In the first quarter of 2021, cybercriminals stole $ 108.3 million from various blockchain projects, according to AtlasVPN. This is 46% more than a year earlier. The trend of 2020 to reduce attacks on the blockchain has not resisted, and experts no longer consider this technology to be reliable protection against intruders. AtlasVPN researchers carried […]