Discovery of a giant bacterium visible to the naked eye

It is an organism of 9 millimeters on average. The size of a small fingernail, not much on our human scale, but a revolution on the scale of microorganisms. The largest bacterium in the world was discovered somewhat by chance in Guadeloupe, in the mangroves, and it is visible to the naked eye. “Meeting this […]

The discovery of a strange spiral object in the heart of the Milky Way

Astronomers have discovered what appears to be a miniature galaxy orbiting a single large star in the heart of the Milky Way, and spotted the strange object orbiting a large star located about 26,000 light-years from Earth, near the center of the galaxy. According to the “RT” website, the star itself is about 32 times […]

The discovery of a mobile black hole that may swallow the sun one day.. here are the details

Astronomers have discovered a terrifying black hole that roams the Milky Way and could one day swallow our sun. The visible universe is full of black holes, i.e. monsters that eat nearby stars. According to Italian scientists from the International School for Advanced Research (ISRC).SISSA), they published the results of their calculations in the Astrophysical […]

Good news.. the discovery of a new drug to treat baldness that completely restores hair growth on the head within 6 months, and the date of its launch in the market has been revealed

Exclusive translation: A study of CTP-543 pills made by Concert Pharmaceuticals found that four out of 10 patients with alopecia areata were able to regrow nearly a full head of hair within half a year after taking the drug twice daily. The mechanism of action of the property However, the main scientist behind the drug […]

Russia-Ukraine war: 200 bodies found under the rubble in Mariupol

24 May 2022 10:22 PM GMT Discovery of 200 bodies Although the attempt to capture the capital Kiev was unsuccessful, Russia has completely captured the main port city of Mariupol. During the 3-month war, the city’s buildings look like skeletons under attack by Russian forces. The discovery of 200 bodies in the rubble of an […]

Death of Marthe Gautier, central figure in the discovery of trisomy 21

All controversy aside, it is an eminent figure in French genetic research who has just disappeared. According to the website The research, the French doctor Marthe Gautier died on Saturday April 30. She was 96 years old. A resident of Paris hospitals, she defended her thesis in 1955 under the direction of Professor Robert Debré, […]

Watch Lion climbing on tree for save his life from buffalo

Have you ever seen a lion walking in the wild, hunting, and why even a male lion would buy a female lion’s foot? But have you ever seen a male lion climb a tree to preserve its vocabulary? Lions have always been called the king of the jungle. That’s because all the animals are scared […]