The Divine Human Woman: Jolly Joseph in Appreciation of the Art Master

Producer Jolly Joseph praised Kalamaster who remained a shadow for Meena who was alone after the death of her husband. Jolly says that being able to meet Kalamaster and being able to witness many things is a virtue in life. In the words of Jolly Joseph: On the afternoon of the 28th, I, who had […]

Two hundred and fifty players; ‘Mother’ group photo

The group photo of the 28th Amma Annual General Meeting of ‘Amma’, an organization of Malayalam film actors, is being taken by the fans on social media. The video of Mammootty sitting on the ground with his colleagues leaving the chair while filming was viral. About 250 players attended the public meeting, which was attended […]

Saubin with superb acting performance; Elaveezhapoonchira Trailer

Ilaveezhapoonchira is the first film to be directed by Shahi Kabir, who has written scripts for films like Joseph and Nayat. Starring Saubin Shahir, Sudhi Koppa and Jude Anthony in the lead roles, Dolby Vision is the first Malayalam movie to be released in 4k HDR. The trailer of the movie is released on social […]

‘Amma’ celebrates Suresh Gopi’s birthday; Video

Mammootty and Mohanlal celebrate Suresh Gopi’s birthday. Suresh Gopi started the celebrations by cutting a cake prepared by Amma members during the Amma Annual General Body meeting. The actress came to her mother’s office in Ernakulam with her family. Suresh Gopi, who returned to his mother after years of forgetting all quarrels and worries, was […]

“Yandex” posted in the public domain a neural network for generating texts

The Yandex company has opened public access to the YaLM 100B neural network, which generates and processes texts in Russian and English. To date, this is the largest GPT-like model available to users from all over the world, the company’s press service said. The model is provided under the Apache 2.0 open license and is […]

Shah Rukh Khan is an idiot, it hurts to tell his children: Madhavan

Actor R is a man who has often become the pride of the country in swimming. Vedant Madhavan, son of Madhavan. When Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan was involved in the case, a section of the cyber space discussed it. The posts and trolls were about raising children. Asked how he views such cyber […]

No more interviews; Stress at home; Father also came: Dhyan Srinivasan

Recently, all the interviews given by Dhyan Srinivasan went viral on social media. It is the specialty of meditation to open up about the interesting things that have happened in life as well. But some of these references have been controversial. With this, Dhyan says that he will not give an interview for a while. […]