“The Ukraine war is making us all poorer”

BFederal finance minister Christian Lindner anticipates a “loss of prosperity” for people in Germany as a result of the Ukraine war. “The Ukraine war is making us all poorer, for example because we have to pay more for imported energy,” said the FDP leader to “Bild am Sonntag”. “Even the state cannot compensate for this […]

Nuclear power and renewable energy: energy policy dilemma

WITHThe Greens are currently showing contrition about the moral dilemma of their renewable-fossil energy policy. But what does it actually consist of? In the visit of Robert Habeck in Qatar? Where is Germany going to send the national soccer team to become world champions? There have been worse conflicts. Or because coal now has to […]

RWE wins in the eviction dispute over Lützerath

Dhe operator RWE Power has achieved partial success in the dispute over a plot of land in Lützerath at the Garzweiler II opencast lignite mine. The company is allowed to make preparations for dredging the site on a farmer’s property, as the competent higher administrative court in Münster decided on Monday. The resolutions are not […]

End of screening tests for doubly vaccinated travelers

Double-vaccinated travelers will no longer need to be tested for COVID-19 to enter Canada as of April 1. The federal government is to make the announcement on Thursday. A series of border relaxations had already taken place on February 28, when quarantine for travelers was no longer mandatory for vaccinated people. Unvaccinated travelers, however, still […]

The corona pandemic is not abating: aimless politics

AGradually it is also dawning on the last few escapees from the pandemic that the transition to the “endemic state” does not necessarily promise harmlessness and that so-called normality will not mean a return to complacency before the biggest global health crisis in recent history. The sun is coming, but the virus stays. No, it […]

Monetary policy at a snail’s pace – a comment

Ghistory does not repeat itself, but we can still learn from it. Arab producing countries reacted to the Yom Kippur War in 1973 by quadrupling the price of oil, which led to a crisis in western industrial nations. Germany in particular was dependent on Arab oil at the time. The rise in the price of […]

Government puts associations under pressure

Dhe federal government is putting the German associations under pressure. Travel to competitions with athletes from Russia and Belarus are no longer eligible for funding, the Ministry of the Interior informed all associations supported from Berlin on Wednesday. According to the company, this threatened funding freeze should not prevent athletes from participating in international competitions […]

ÖBVP regrets the resignation of Health Minister Dr. Wolfgang Mueckstein

Vienna (OTS) – The Austrian Federal Association for Psychotherapy regrets the resignation of Health Minister Dr. Wolfgang Mückstein and thanks him for his commitment and his will to further develop and improve something in the field of mental health for everyone in Austria. His clear commitment to the need for nationwide psychotherapeutic care is more […]

Russia faces ban from SWIFT

SIt was already clear at the special EU summit on Thursday evening that the second package of sanctions against Russia that had since been passed would not be the last. EU leaders also gave the order to prepare a third package aimed at targeting both Russia and Belarus for supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It […]

150,000 fewer apartments due to the KfW subsidy freeze and the explosion in construction costs

property KfW funding Construction of 150,000 homes put on hold Status: 00:00| Reading time: 2 minutes It doesn’t go any further here. The financing of tens of thousands of properties has become questionable Quelle: picture alliance/dpa The federal government’s sudden halt to KfW funding, together with the explosively increasing construction costs, is having a devastating […]