Scandal breaks out on Taganka: local residents fight for Rogozhsky garages

+ A – They want to demolish the historic complex in order to build luxury housing in its place A scandal flares up on the net around the Rogozhsky garages – a monument of constructivism of the 1950s, which is not officially recognized as such. The car depot worked until 1999, and then was transferred […]

Sovremennik will be run by an arts council

+ A – New appointments made in three Moscow theaters The Department of Culture of Moscow, which late in the evening announced the dismissal of the artistic directors of three Moscow theaters, has already made new appointments. And quite unexpected. As MK reported, director Anton Yakovlev entered the rebellious Gogol Center, and film and theater […]

Roman Ryabtsev: “The main problem of Russian rock is pretentious messianism”

Everyone has their faults, as Osgood Fielding III said in the famous boat scene from Only Girls in Jazz. Honestly, I (due to age and life experience) have become more tolerant of such sins of the human race as inertia, stupidity, narrow-mindedness … But sometimes my supply of Zen is sharply depleted, and I just […]

Defensively ready: NATO is increasing its reaction forces

the summit triathlon (EU, G7, NATO) is approaching its second change station, which in sport would mean: off the racing bike and on to the final marathon. In politics it means: get out of the castle hotel and into the government plane. The G7 summit ends on Tuesday with a G4 round (Olaf Scholz/D, Joe […]

A new species of ticks living on pigeons found in Moscow

+ A – Until now, such mites lived in Italy. In Moscow, the skin mite Promialges italicus (Promyialges italicus) was first discovered on the wings of a parasitic fly of a domestic pigeon. Prior to this, according to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, the parasite was discovered and described […]

Died actress Albina Tikhanova

According to the Kino-Teatr portal, the famous actress Albina Tikhanova died today at the age of 75 in Moscow. Her friend Pavel Alimov wrote on social networks that on May 30, the actress fell unsuccessfully on the street and broke both arms and a leg. After being discharged from the hospital, she could not move […]

The NFT market collapsed: they did not notice in Russia

The third NFT.NYC conference took place in New York, which is considered the main event in the short history of this crypto industry. A little over a year ago, the sale at Christie’s NFT auction of works by the artist, acting under the pseudonym Beeple (real name Mike Winkelmann), became a sensation: his digital collage […]

The curse of the risk premium and the gas

AEven with the West’s abandonment of an embargo against Moscow, the gas supply in Germany was no longer secure because of its unfortunate dependence on Russia. This could only be disputed by contemporaries who, after February 24, 2022, still believed that Russian supplies could always be counted on. But the world has changed: Russian gas […]

Vienna is again the most livable city in the world

Travel British study Vienna is again the most livable city in the world Since museums and restaurants were closed due to the corona pandemic, Vienna fell from first to twelve in the ranking of the most livable cities in 2021. Austria’s capital is now celebrating a comeback. The best German city came in seventh. Stand: […]