“Elvis: One of the First Corona Films to Succeed at Adult Audience”

Elvis, 2022 version: The rather short life of Elvis Presley, the revered singer considered one of the most prominent voices of the 20th century and who was also a successful film actor, returns to the screen, this time in the new film “Elvis”, which bears his first name. Dr. Walla’s film critic spoke to Iris […]

Is this your first time using a neem mustache ?; Akshay was not blamed; Director

Producer Aditya Chopra has claimed that actor Akshay Kumar was responsible for the box office failure of Bollywood film Samrat Prithviraj. The director of the movie Chandraprakash Divedi has come up with a response after this. The director said that this is the first time an actor has used a mustache and the producers have […]

No one can prepare Indira’s story better than me: Kangana

Kangana Ranaut has stepped into the studio of her next film amidst a string of failures. The film is titled ‘Emergency’ and tells the story of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. The film is also being directed by Kangana Ranaut. The actor has said that it is not a biography of Indira Gandhi but a […]

Rajini’s action condition for Leader 169 … not only this …

First Published Jun 16, 2022, 12:57 PM IST Thalaivar 169 Update: The cast of Leader 169 has been informed about the action condition imposed by Rajini. thalaivar 169 After Annatha, Rajinikanth has teamed up with Nelson in 169. Recently, Rajini’s films have not been as successful as expected and Rajini is on the verge of […]

6 years after his death: George Michael’s latest film hits theaters

Six and a half years after the sudden death of George Michael, his latest work will soon hit the big screen. The film ‘GEORGE MICHÆL FREEDOM UNCUT’ will hit the cinemas of Yes Planet and “Rav-Chen Dizengoff” next week, and will include excerpts from the voice of the beloved singer who worked on the piece […]

300 crore for 10 days; Vikram shakes box office – MediaOne Online

300 crore for 10 days; Vikram shakes box office MediaOne Online Vikram Movie: Movie lovers flock to see Vikram director; Arrived in Thrissur Raga Asianet News Lokesh Kanakaraj and Anirudh come to the tune of Thrissur Mathrubhumi More Collection in ‘Raga’; Lokesh goes to Thrissur for Vikram celebrations Manorama News Vikram: ‘Vikram’, new record following […]

Kamal ‘Vikram’ collected so many crores in Tamil Nadu alone? – Released information | Kamal Haasan s Vikram film rakes in Rs 100 crore in Tamil Nadu | Puthiyathalaimurai – Tamil News | Latest Tamil News | Tamil News Online

Kamal Haasan’s ‘Vikram’ has crossed the 100 crore mark in Tamil Nadu alone in a week. ‘Vikram’, starring Kamal Haasan, Vijay Sethupathi, Fahad Fazil, Narain, Santhana Bharathi, Kalidas Jayaram, Arjun Das and Surya, was released on the 3rd. Although Kamal Haasan’s films are usually praised for their storyline and screenplay, the box office record is […]

Leaked before the release of Jurassic World 3; ‘Dominion’, the last film in the series, hits theaters on June 10 – CINEMA – NEWS

‘Jurassic World Dominion’, the latest movie in the Jurassic World series, was leaked through torrent sites before its release. Fans are eagerly awaiting the final film in the Jurassic World Series. Activists say the legendary Jurassic Park franchise will end with this movie. Therefore, the leak of the Dominion torrent, which everyone is eagerly awaiting, […]