European asylum is silently precarious, reforms are at an impasse

This is France’s last chance attempt at the rotating presidency of the EU until 1is July. His challenge: to get the 27 to agree on asylum. For more than eight years, Europeans have been struggling to find a legislative proposal that would bring together the countries of the South, in demand for European solidarity (Italy, […]

Polarization, discontent and reforms, the challenges of whoever wins the ballot in Colombia

The reforms to continue economic growth and advance rights, unprecedented polarization in the country and discontent over unsatisfied social demands are among the challenges that whoever wins Colombia’s presidential elections will face. This situation, moreover, is part of a challenge that is becoming more acute: the increase in violence and the dilemma that will be […]

Six reforms and a hallelujah

After years of high-revving stagnation in women’s and family policy, real progress is imminent. The traffic light has seriously undertaken to remove some of the many obstacles to equality between women and men – as the Basic Law has actually required for decades. Get unlimited access to all B + articles in the Berliner Zeitung, […]

FIFA was pressed from the north – Kommersant newspaper No. 192 (7154) dated 21.10.2021

National football federations representing northern Europe have opposed the plans of the International Football Federation (FIFA) to move from a four-year cycle of world championships to a two-year one. In a statement signed by representatives of the six federations, it is said that if FIFA’s plans are implemented, they will have to “consider scenarios that […]

Pentagon chief will call on Ukraine and Georgia to reform to join NATO

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin will visit Ukraine, Georgia and Romania on Sunday to meet with heads of state and military personnel, according to the Pentagon’s website. According to a senior ministry official, during the meetings, Mr. Austin plans to inform the representatives of Ukraine and Georgia that the road to NATO is open for […]

Cartabia and the president of the ANM remember judge Rosario Livatino – “The reforms will help, but they will not be decisive if they are not accompanied by a renewal of customs, by everyone, on a personal level, and by the entire category“. This is underlined by the Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia, in her speech for the event in Cassation organized by the Anm […]

“Katyusha” instead of the anthem we were not allowed at the Games “

ROC President Stanislav Pozdnyakov on preparing the team for Tokyo, on the ROC economy and personnel reforms in sports federations Share a closed article Subscribe to share closed articles with your friends. Select subscription period Stanislav Pozdnyakov, President of the Russian Olympic Committee / Grigory Sysoev / RIA Novosti Four-time Olympic champion in fencing Stanislav […]

Salvini interviewed by Draghi. Focus on recovery and reforms – Almost an hour and a half face to face at Palazzo Chigi. Mario Draghi received in the afternoon Matteo Salvini. During the meeting, defined as “cordial” by the Prime Minister, “the economic situation of the country, which is recovering, and the reforms were discussed”, he specified. “The meeting went very well. In an […]