+++ Corona news +++: Austria reintroduces the obligation to wear masks – WHO: We are in the middle of the pandemic – Handelsblatt

+++ Corona news +++: Austria reintroduces the obligation to wear masks – WHO: We are in the middle of the pandemic Handelsblatt New corona tightening: Mask requirement indoors returns Small newspaper The comeback of the mask requirement could be announced today THE STANDARD But tightening: Mask requirement indoors returns – news ORF.at “Tense situation” – […]

Wuhan marathon postponed due to the growth of infections in China

Time.news – The Wuhan marathon has been postponed a few hours after the start due to the recent increase in Covid cases in China when there are only 100 days left from the start of the Beijing Winter Olympics. The Asian giant, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, has registered 50 infections in the […]

ADE phenomenon: can vaccination worsen Covid-19?

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Science and intelligence. So Biden opens the Wuhan case

Time.news – The case is open. It is no longer a Trumpian provocation. The investigations are serious. American intelligence agencies have opened the file on the origin of Covid-19: a modified bat coronavirus in the Wuhan laboratory that could be behind the pandemic. Washington government officials have leaked it, while the hypothesis of an unnatural […]

The US is pushing for an independent investigation into the origin of the covid

Time.news – “Without data, no conclusions can be drawn”. So White House spokesperson Jen Psaki insists on need for an independent investigation into the origins of Covid-19, with the cooperation of China. “There is no way we can draw conclusions. We don’t have enough information. We need to look at a wide range of options. […]

Three virologists from Wuhan seriously ill with Covid as early as November 2019

Time.news- Three researchers from the Wuhan Chinese Institute of Virology were seriously ill with Covid-19 as early as November 2019, to the point of requiring hospital treatment. This was revealed by a US intelligence report kept top secret so far, and revealed by the Wall Street Journal. The report supports the thesis of a State […]

There will be no interim WHO report on the mission in Wuhan

Time.news – World Health Organization experts sent to Wuhan, China in January to investigate the origin of the Covid-19 pandemic will not publish the expected preliminary report on their findings: the Wall Street Journal writes. “A simple summary would not satisfy the curiosity of readers,” the head of the research group, Peter Ben Embarek, explained […]