Tagesspiegel: September 15, 1971: The environmental protection organization “Greenpeace” is founded by peace activists in Vancouver, Canada.

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On Wednesday, September 15, the book of history records, among other things:

1821: Central America (now Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador) declares its independence from Spain.
1916: During the summer battle in France, the British troops used tanks for the first time.
1916: An Austro-Hungarian flying boat sinks the French submarine “Foucault” in the Adriatic Sea.
1946: Austria is once again accepted into the FIS (Federation Internationale de Ski = Int. Ski Association).
1946: In Bulgaria, after the ousting of King Simeon, the People’s Republic is proclaimed, and communist leader Georgi Dimitrov becomes Prime Minister.
1971: “Greenpeace”, an international, non-partisan and independent environmental protection organization with headquarters in Amsterdam, is founded by peace activists in Vancouver, Canada.
1981: Pope John Paul II issues his social encyclical “Laborem exercens” (Capital and Labor).
1986: After Norbert Steger was voted out of office as FPÖ leader and resigned as Vice Chancellor, Chancellor Vranitzky ended the small coalition of the SPÖ with the Freedom Party formed by his predecessor Sinowatz in 1983 and initiated early elections to the National Council.
1986: The Greek President Sartzetakis is the first head of state of a NATO country to arrive in the GDR.
1986: After a series of bombings in Paris, France introduces visa requirements for all non-EU countries and Switzerland.
1991: Reichstag elections in Sweden: Heavy losses for the ruling Social Democrats and gains for the bourgeois parties that form the new government under the conservative Carl Bildt.
1996: Umberto Bossi, head of the Lega Nord, announced in Venice the secession of northern Italy from Rome and an “independent Padania”.
2006: The two board members of the Austrian listed sports betting provider bwin, Manfred Bodner and Norbert Teufelberger, are arrested in Monte Carlo during a press conference on suspicion of illegal gambling. As early as next Monday (September 18), the two managers will be free again in exchange for a deposit of 300,000 euros. The examining magistrate initiates proceedings for violations of gambling law.
2016: It’s over for the Hollywood dream couple “Brangelina”: Angelina Jolie files for divorce from Brad Pitt two years after the wedding. As a reason, she cites “irreconcilable differences”. A custody battle arises over the six children, three of whom are adopted.

Birthdays: Karl Philipp Moritz, German narrator (1756-1793); Bruno Walter, German conductor (1876-1962); Ettore Bugatti, Italian-French Car designer (1881-1947); Moscheh Ya’akov Ben-Gavriel (formerly Eugen Hoeflich), Israel. Writer (1891-1965); Jacques Becker, French film director (1906-1960); Lothar Warnecke, German film director (1936-2005); Oliver Stone, US director (1946); Tommy Lee Jones, US actor (1946); Lisa Fitz, Switzerland. Actress (1951); Wayne Ferreira, South Afr. Ex-tennis professional (1971).
Days of Death: Otto Stoessl, east. Writer (1875-1936); Eckart Schuster, east. Photo artist (1919-2006); Karl-Herbert Scheer, German science fiction author; “Perry Rhodan” (1928-1991); Oriana Fallaci, Italian journalist, writer and critic of Islam (1929-2006).
Name days: Dolores, Nicomedes, Melitta, Ekhard, Tobias, Roland, Ludmilla, Nicetas, Luithard, Jeremias.

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