Tamil hit lyricists Viveka and Arun Bharathi make their debut in Malayalam cinema Tamil lyricists Viveka and Arun Bharathi makes debut in Malayalam cinema

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Viveka, who wrote the lyrics for the super dance number ‘Annathe Annathe …’ in Rajinikanth’s super hit film ‘Annathe’, and Arun Bharathi, who wrote the hit song ‘Wa Sami …’, are the first lyricists for a Malayalam film. M.F. Manoj K, who was Hussain’s associate. Viveka and Arun Bharathi came to Kochi to write lyrics for two Tamil songs in the Malayalam film ‘Freezer Number 18’ written and directed by Varghese.

Viveka, who started her career as a lyricist in Tamil cinema in 1999, has written lyrics for over 2,500 Tamil songs, including several hits such as ‘Excuse me Mr. Kanthasamy’, ‘N name Meenakumari’, ‘Jungunumani’ and ‘Daddy Mummy is not at home’. Arun Bharathi is a genius who has established himself in the world of Tamil cinema with his many power packed songs like ‘Naga Naga’ and ‘Meesha Vecha Vettakkaran’. Arun Bharathi’s poem ‘Eema Kalayam’ is a subject for Plus One students in the Kerala syllabus.

Music director Sandesh Peter, lyricist Viveka and director Manoj K. And Varghese while composing

Viveka wrote the lyrics for a lively song composed by Sandesh Peter with the theme of hope in ‘Freezer No. 18’. The song is sung by Shankar Mahadevan and Sithara Krishnakumar. In the wake of a student strike, P.K. Arun Bharathi has penned the lyrics for a Power Packed song composed by Sunil Kumar. The song is sung by Haricharan, MV Mahalingam and Jyotsna. CP has partnered with Shas Entertainments and India Elements. Produced by Shafreen, the film has three songs. The third Malayalam song has been composed by Sunil Kumar himself. The author and singer of this song are yet to be decided.

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Though making their debut now, Viveka and Arun Bharathi watch a lot of Malayalam movies. Both say in unison that there are films in Malayalam that give importance to story and poetry. When the director told the story and lyrics of ‘Freezer No. 18’ over the phone, they said that they did not have to think twice to make their debut in Malayalam cinema with this film. The mystery-thriller, which will start shooting in Palakkad and Coimbatore around mid-March 2022, will feature Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi actors, according to producer Shafreen.


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