Teenage crisis: animals too!

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2023-09-06 06:00:00

PSYCHOLOGY – Taking risks, getting angry, trying to seduce fellow human beings… The transition to adulthood does not seem much more serene with them than with humans.

Rebellion, emotions on edge, risky behavior… The crisis of adolescence is not reserved for humans: according to scientists, animals also experience a transition phase before becoming adults! This will hardly surprise those who have raised a dog, well aware that it is often necessary to redouble efforts to be obeyed when the hairball is one year old. But why such behavior, when they are not expected to have good grades in school, tidy their rooms, take their noses off their screens and hang out a little less with their friends? Could there be anything much more fundamental than that in adolescence?

By studying chimpanzees in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a team from the University of Michigan showed that these great apes were confronted, in adolescence, with the same “psychological storm” as human adolescents, taking more risks and being more angry…

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