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2023-11-30 01:44:42

Burkina: Terrorists pulverized before their assault on Tapoa

Ouagadougou, November 29, 2023 (AIB) – Terrorists died this Wednesday in flames, after strikes by the Burkinabè army aimed at preventing them from carrying out a large-scale attack in Tapoa (East), learned the AIB from security sources, who announce other successes in the Center-North and the North.

Burkinabè intelligence services have learned of a large-scale attack being prepared in Tapoa province. A careful search for air vectors made it possible to detect a group of terrorists in an abandoned village and to follow all phases of their preparation.

This Wednesday, while the criminals were loading their logistics, they were neutralized by strikes. Their fuel supply caught fire, consuming the rest of the logistics.

Thanks to the vigilance of Burkinabè radars, the same feat was achieved in the Ouahigouya area during the night.

Indeed, pairs of terrorists, on a reconnaissance mission, positioned themselves around the village of Rapougma, probably waiting for their target. They were burned along with their assets by air delivery strikes, before ground troops completed the job.

On November 28, 2023, in the North Centre, in the Paspanga zone, terrorists launched an attack against a Combatant Forces patrol.

After being valiantly repulsed, the terrorists fled, but they were quickly caught by air vectors.

The bombings burned some on the spot, while others ran with their bodies burning before collapsing, dead from the raids.

Still in the Center-North, terrorists who tried to attack a logistical escort in the Dablo area paid with their lives. After the strikes, the Fighting Forces recovered equipment.

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According to our sources, operations continue in all sectors to force terrorists to abandon their suicide missions.

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