The act of turning the face of a man on a plane! What happened next?

by time news

The incident where someone at the airport was wearing underwear instead of a mask is going terribly viral on social websites.

Other passengers have been shocked by the actions of a 38 – year – old man at Fort Lauderdale Airport in the US state of Florida.

That means the traveler is wearing a different kind of underwear instead of a mask. The flight attendant then asked the man to wear the correct mask.

But the passenger got into an altercation with the flight attendant. Following this, the Corona detention officers spoke to him as he was getting ready to take off and got him off the plane.

The person said about the incident that I had previously flown the flight wearing underwear as a mask. I will do the same again. He said that some passengers left in support of me when I was evacuated.


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