The attempted assassination in a Lamborghini on Route 6: a young man from Ramla was arrested on suspicion of involvement

The police arrested a Ramla resident in his twenties tonight (Wednesday) on suspicion of being involved in the shooting incident and attempted assassination that happened yesterday on Route 6, and later today he will be brought to a hearing in the Rishon Lezion court to extend his detention.

Assassination attempt on Route 6: Two residents of East Jerusalem were seriously injured by shots from a passing vehicle

Ambush, block the traffic and attack: new details about the assassination attempt on Route 6

As I recall, two residents of East Jerusalem were shot last night on Route 6 near the Ben Shemen interchange, apparently from another vehicle that fled the scene. The two, in their 30s and 40s, were evacuated by MDA teams who were called to the scene to the Beilinson and Sheba hospitals in Tel Hashomer in moderate to serious condition.

We note that this is an incident in which several reports were received about a fight between drivers on Route 6, when in the description given to the police it was reported about a luxurious and luxurious Lamborghini type vehicle, and about other vehicles related to the same confrontation on the road which blocked the traffic axis.

When the police arrived at the scene, they learned that it was a much more serious incident, which was divided into three stages, when in the first stage, during an argument whose background is under investigation, several vehicles blocked the direction of travel of the Lamborghini, and several figures came out of them and violently attacked its two occupants, beating them and stabbed them.

That was not the end of the drama, and while citizens, including a minority medic who passed by, treated the wounded and the attackers left the scene, a motorcycle emerged and fired at the Lamborghini. As a result of the shooting, the wounded who were evacuated by MDA to the hospital in serious and moderate condition were also injured.

This drama, which unfolded in front of the eyes of other passengers and some of it was even recorded, is currently at the center of the activity and investigation of the Shefala area, when it turned out that the two injured are residents of East Jerusalem who are known to the police and are also known to be involved in the field of luxury vehicles.

It was also learned that the vehicle in question still appears in the records as a vehicle that is in the customs process at the port, and that it was allegedly imported into Israel by a resident of the Central District. The police believe that the vehicle is not the focus of the argument between those involved, and that it was not stolen.

According to the researchers, this is a conflict on a different background, the origin of which is still under investigation, and they believe that the attackers ambushed the two wounded, deliberately blocked their way in the tunnel, in a place where they could not escape, and there they decided to pay their respects.


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