The BNG demands the gratuity of the AP-9 and the rescue of the “irregular concession”

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2023-08-14 18:13:00

Toll of the AP-9 in Macenda CESAR QUIAN

“From this Thursday the 17th it should be free if the illegal extension until the year 2048 was not approved”, denounces the deputy Luís Bará

14 ago 2023 . Updated at 6:28 p.m.

The deputy of the BNG Luis Bará has denounced this Monday from the Parliament of Galicia the situation of the AP-9 concession and the company Audasa. The Block demands an independent study to determine the feasibility of annulling the extension established until 2048 and the cost that this rescue would have for the public coffers.

The company Audasa obtained profits of 36 million euros in the first half of 2023. This means a increment of almost a 70 % compared to the same period of last year, despite the increase in users alone and 3.75%, a daily average of 24,000. Bará considers these results to be «disgraceful» and compares the situation with that of other national highways: «Practically the entire Mediterranean strip that goes from the French border to Alacante is free via the AP-7, which is one of the main highways in the country. State”.

The summer in which the AP-9 should be free

Carlos Punch

In an appearance before the media, Bará recalled that from “this Thursday the 17th should be free if the illegal extension was not approved”. The nationalist pointed to the PP as “most responsible for this scam”, said that together with the PSOE “they boycotted the transfer from the AP-9 to Galicia”.

On the other hand, the BNG has once again demanded that the Ministry of Social Policy investigate the complaints carried out by the Galician Association of Inspectors and Inspectors of Social Services on him leaked to residences of inspection dates and subsequent “pressures” so that professionals do not support these complaints.

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