The country’s biggest Ramazan spiritual meeting on 17th at Salat Nagar, Malappuram

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Thiruvananthapuram | The country’s largest Ramazan prayer meeting, where lakhs of believers will gather in search of the virtue of a thousand months, will be held on Monday 17th of this month in Malappuram Salat Nagar. Lailatul Qadr (Night of Judgment) is the spiritual gathering of millions of believers on the 27th night of Ramadan.
Madin Academy in Salat Nagar, Malappuram, which is advancing with remarkable activities in the field of spirituality, knowledge and compassion, has been organizing the spiritual meeting for many years.

Lakhs of people will take a pledge against the scourge of drug addiction in the Sangam. The event will also inaugurate the anti-drug message to 50 lakh people. There will also be awareness about the dangers of fragmentation and destructive activities in different parts of the world. Madin Chairman and Kerala Muslim Jamaat General Secretary Syed Ibrahimul Khalil Al Bukhari will administer the oath.

The Ramadan Prayer Conference is also the annual venue for Salat prayer gathering organized every month at Madin Campus. Madin started the Ramadan campaign from the first of Ramadan with various spiritual and intellectual gatherings. The month-long program then includes spiritual forums, scholarly gatherings, relief and study camps, iftar gatherings, online sessions and remembrance forums. Believers from different parts of the world will gather in the prayer meeting.

All India Sunni Jamiatul Ulema General Secretary Kanthapuram AP Abubakar Musliar will inaugurate the event under the chairmanship of Samasta President E Sulaiman Musliar. Ma’din Chairman Syed Ibrahimul Khalil Al Bukhari will deliver the message lecture. Samasta Kerala Jamiatul Ulema Vice President Syed Ali Bafaqi Thangal will lead the opening prayer. Samasta Secretary Ponmala Abdul Qadir Musliar and Perode Abdurrahman Sakhafi will deliver the lecture.

A community Iftar will be prepared at Salat Nagar for those who come to the prayer meeting. This will be the most crowded fasting place in the country. The Iftar will be set up in a completely green manner, conveying Islam’s message of compassion. After Iftar, Tasbeeh prayer, Awwabeen prayer, Taraweeh and Witr prayer will be held at Ma’adin Grand Mosque, Old Mosque and Main Ground.

The main functions of the prayer meeting will begin at 9 pm on the main stage. The main items of this holy gathering are Salat which is the praise of the Prophets, prayer for forgiveness of sins, remembrance of holy men and great people and concluding prayer with tears. Wide pavilions and auditoriums have been prepared in and around the conference city for the convenience of the devotees attending the conference. More than 100 helpline counters are being set up in and around the city, including police, fire force and medical wings.

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Apart from the main city in Salat Nagar, various grounds will have elaborate sound and light facilities. Fasting and dinner facilities will also be provided at all these places. The system will also be prepared for webcasting through the Madin website. A special Gulf counter will be prepared for expatriates and dinner facilities for those coming from far away.

With the cooperation of the district administration and the police, facilities for lakhs of believers are being prepared in Salat Nagar. A superspecialty intensive care unit will be camped in the city for emergencies. Also there will be services of fire force and 5555 member volunteer corps.

Organizers of the program are Madin Academy, Polytechnic, Arts and Science College, English Medium School, Religious-Physical Integrated Education Center, Que Land Quran Study Center for Women, Hia Academy, Shea Campus, Daru Zahra, Science Center, Orphanage, Visual and Hearing Impaired, Twenty-seven thousand students are studying in 48 institutions like the Intellectually Challenged, Able World for the differently abled, Lahari Mukti Kendra, Life Shore Therapy Centre. It has the minority status of the National Minority Education Commission and collaboration with reputed universities and academic institutions in countries like Australia, UK, Malaysia, Spain and US.

A special helpline has been set up for information regarding the prayer meeting. Phone: 9645338343, 9633677722. Website:

Syed Ibrahimul Khalil Al Bukhari (Chairman, Maadin Academy & General Secretary, Kerala Muslim Jamaat), A. Saifuddin Haji (Secretary, Kerala Muslim Jamaat & Media Convenor, Prayer Conference), Siddique Sakhafi Nemam
(Secretary, SYS Kerala & Convener, Prayer Session), Sainuddin Nizami, Kundamangalam (Working Convener, Welcome Team) and Khalid Sakhafi Salat Nagar (Co-ordinator, Welcome Team) attended the press conference.

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